Do I Really Feel Better About Myself When I Listen To Your Problems?


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Do I Really Feel Better About Myself When I Listen To Your Problems?  Americana Therapy Memes.

Do I really feel better about myself when I listen to the problems of others?  If I’m really honest, the answer is yes.  But not for the reason you might think.  The popular reasoning goes like this:  I’m a psychotherapist in private practice, so people assume I spend my time listening to people’s problems.  And in doing so, I realize how much better I have it in my own life when compared to these poor souls who have it so bad that they actually need therapy!

But in reality, I don’t just spend my time listening to problems.  Instead, I get to listen to captivating life stories – the memories and experiences that make us who we are.  And in doing so, something beautiful happens and I feel better than I did before.

You already know what I’m talking about.  Remember how good it felt when that friend (or child, lover, parent, sibling, etc.) trusted you enough to share something from their heart?  Something you know they don’t just tell to any old person?  Meeting another human being in that space of vulnerability is where we connect, and we find the good stuff – our hearts, our souls, our selves.

During a therapy session I listen closely to these stories.  And invariably I find that embedded into them are the most beautiful gifts in the form of strength, resilience, passion, vision, spirit, love, courage, forgiveness, wisdom, and grace.  These are traits we all possess, but we typically only share them when we feel safe enough to become vulnerable.

That is why I do what I do – because the power of vulnerability is profound, and I have the good fortune of making a living by being allowed into this sacred ground, daily.  Interestingly, I think I am a singer songwriter for exactly the same reason – to tell my own sacred stories.

So back to the question – do I feel better about myself when I listen to problems? Yes.  Because when I connect with another human being on deep levels, we both end up feeling better, and grateful.

Try it out:  Share a personal story this week with someone who has earned the right to hear it.  Then notice how you feel.  Better?

Stay tuned.

Americana singer songwriter Jeremy Dion puts as much energy into his guitar playing as he does his songwriting. Dion is an Americana Singer Songwriter Psychotherapist.

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