Praise for Jeremy’s debut album, “Finally.”


By Beeb Ashcroft

Genuine and heartfelt lyrics over lush folk melodies, Finally by Jeremy Dion is an emotional ride through the singer-songwriter’s psyche. Featuring honest songs exploring faith, love, pain and sadness, Dion pours out his soul in this album. With big sonics and slick production from Lance Bendiksen (Sara McLachlan, The Fray), this pop-folk album is polished and well thought out.

There are a lot of catchy songs on this record, like the cut “Just a Little More Time,” which has lush sonics and good harmonies. “So Wrong” has some nice guitar work, while “As I Lay Me Down” has a slightly eerie feel, as Dion explores his feelings about faith and religion. And he certainly doesn’t shy away from tough topics – “No Lullaby” and “Back Breaking Wall” both deal with grief and healing, which Dion wrote after the death of a close friend.

My personal favorite tracks on the CD are “Just a Little More Time” and “Inside My Eyes,” which has a vague 80s pop vibe to it. Dion is obviously passionate about his music, and it shows.

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“Breckenridge-based artist Jeremy Dion clearly has a grasp on what makes a song good. He takes a very basic approach to writing, telling a personal story through his lyrics then layering harmonizing strings and simple percussion over the top. Keeping it accessible to listeners of all kinds, Dion injects enough pop pleasure into his work to make it sound both familiar and new — no small feat these days.”

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“Jeremy Dion’s new album is a cool blend of tight grooves and wonderful harmonies. The feeing of Colorado mountain country comes to mind but with a new sound we have not heard out of Colorado in a long time. A solid effort of songwriting, production and engineering.”
– David McGuinness (Pearl Jam, U2, Tom Waits)

“Working in my mastering studio with Jeremy and Lance was a pleasure. The project sounds very good – no surprise given the musicians and engineers who were involved – and more important, the songs stick with you.”
-David Glasser, Grammy Winning Engineer, Airshow Mastering, Boulder CO

“Jeremy is different. His songs, his voice, his rapport with the audience, he is really different and that’s rare these days. The record could prove to be a classic; a must spin from start to finish. We recorded this album the way music is supposed to be recorded live in the studio, always on the edge, performances of inspiration and creativity. We were always reaching for more. Check out his show, and definitely check out that record. You’ll be glad you did.”

Emmy-winning producer Lance Bendiksen (The Fray, The Cowboy Junkies, Sarah McLachlan)

“First, Jeremy can sing, Dylan couldn’t (and still can’t). Dylan writes from a distance about someone else’s worst and best days; Jeremy writes with his soul about his worst and best. You learn about everyone else from Dylan – you learn about yourself from Jeremy.”
-Bob M, from PA

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