Praise for Jeremy’s new album, “Golden Some Day”


“Golden Someday” captures a very pure and genuine sound that grabs the listener right from the start and doesn’t let go. – Vents Magazine

“This is one artist that clearly gives you a musical snapshot that is highly original, uplifting and dare I say brilliantly captivating in scope.” – Skope (Michael Rand)

“Dion has all the creativity and songwriting prowess to be extremely dangerous.” – Grateful Web

“Armed with a brilliant artistic perspective, superlative writing style, and a powerful message to call his own. Need I say more?” Rock N Roll View

Your vocals are “quirky and original, but polished and finessed. Your phrasing and writing is without flaw.” Erik Balkey, Hudson Harding Music

“This CD is really lovely.” Singer-songwriter Amy Speace

“A well crafted collection of songs. These will leave you humming the tunes.” Grammy winner David Glasser, Airshow Mastering

“This album reveals the beauty of your soul.” Angela M., a fan

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