Swallow Hill to The Soiled Dove: Folking Up the Colorado Music Scene


ColoradoMusicThe past two months on the Colorado music scene easily rank among the most rewarding of my musical life.  It started with attending the Folk Alliance Conference in Kansas City, where I played a lot, slept a little, and left feeling reinvigorated about songwriting.

In the first week of March, I was invited to open for two different national acts at two outstanding Colorado music venues.  The first was opening for singer songwriter Tracy Grammer at the famed Swallow Hill. In addition to learning that both Tracy and I attended Cal Berkeley during the same time in the early 90‘s (when “The Naked Guy” was making headlines), I also learned that Tracy is a one helluva storyteller.

When I‘m performing my own music, I give brief introductions to many of my songs, telling the stories behind them.  But rarely will I devote more than a few sentences to this endeavor.  Tracy, on the other hand, sometimes spent more time on the introduction than with playing the song itself.  But the thing is – it worked!  By the time she got to the song, those of us in the audience felt as if we nearly had a hand in the writing of the song itself.  Granted, this phenomenon may also be partially attributed to the fact that Tracy is also engaging, funny, witty, gorgeous, and a very talented singer songwriter.  I was honored to open for her, and hope to do so again.

Two days later, I had the pleasure of opening for another great singer songwriter, Chris Trapper at the Soiled Dove – one spectacular Colorado music venue I had honestly been trying to get into for over five years.  This very special evening confirmed a number of things for me.  First, playing the Soiled Dove is ridiculously awesome.  Second, Chris Trapper is a very cool guy, and has become my new role model for juggling a career in music with raising a family.
Then, as if the month couldn’t get any better, I was also nominated by Denver’s Westword for an award in the “Best Singer Songwriter” category.  And the only thing cooler than that is that I also happen to be nominated along with my songwriting hero, Boulder’s Gregory Alan Isakov.  To me, he’s as good as it gets not just on the Colorado music scene, but worldwide.

So I send my heartfelt gratitude to Tracy Grammer and Chris Trapper, as well as the fine folks at Swallow Hill, The Soiled Dove, the Westword, and the many friends and fans who make the Colorado music scene what it is.  Thank you for helping 2014 get off on the right foot.


Americana singer songwriter Jeremy Dion puts as much energy into his guitar playing as he does his songwriting.

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