Ready For The Rain? Romantic Umbrellas and the Power of Vulnerability


When I first pondered the graphic design for the first-ever Jeremy Dion t-shirts, I envisioned a black and white version of my JD guitar logo and my name.  That’s all.  Plan and simple, straightforward advertising.  Then I quickly deemed that … Read More

Songwriting Psychotherapist – It’s who I am, not just what I do.


Long before I was a songwriting psychotherapist, I was a songwriting adolescent, playing the piano by ear.  After being gifted my first guitar at 18, I became a songwriting undergrad at Cal Berkeley, then a songwriting house painter in Seattle.  … Read More

Feeling Misunderstood? It’s the speaker’s duty to communicate clearly


Feeling Misunderstood?  It’s the speaker’s duty to communicate clearly. Americana Therapy Memes. We all spend plenty of time feeling misunderstood by our partners, friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and even people we scarcely know.  The other day I had to repeat … Read More

Finding A Musical Identity: Oh God Another Singer Songwriter!

0 comments Finding A Musical Identity: Oh God Another Singer Songwriter! In today’s world of constant music streaming, DIY music production and viral videos, it can be especially challenging to discover a musical identity.  I am one of the … Read More

Americana Therapy Memes – I talk you listen and write a song about me


Colorado Music Therapy by Americana Singer Songwriter Psychotherapist. The Jeremy Dion Mile High Americana Photo Blog. There are many different types of therapy out there, and this picture is my way of describing my own blend of Colorado Music Therapy.  … Read More